Safety Reporting

By participating in PMOPA’s Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) Program, you are helping to identify potential safety issues before they become a problem which, in turn, advances the community’s efforts in reducing the likelihood of future accidents and incidents. Fewer accidents and incidents result in fewer insurance claims, leading to lower insurance premiums.

PMOPA’s FDM program for the PA-46 community is being conducted in partnership with Fuzion Safety, a leader in aviation safety and data analytics.

Working together, as the PA-46 community, your data will be collected in an anonymized manner and analyzed together with data from other PMOPA FDM participants. Aggregate Data Analysis can reveal a bigger story by identifying (a) trends and risks across the fleet; and (b) what we do well as a group and where we need improvement. Acting on those trends will positively influence safety initiatives, training programs, and reduce the number of incidents and accidents. The more data collected and analyzed, the higher quality the insights will be. PMOPA’s Safety Committee will share identified trends, risks, and opportunities for improvement with the PA-46 community via the PMOPA Magazine and education session presentations on webinars and at PMOPA events. We will also post these analyses for all members to view on the website.

Your data is useful for you, as an individual pilot, to gauge your performance, via a Post Flight Report, and to identify opportunities for you to improve safety performance on future flights. Additionally, by analyzing your own flight data, you can identify ways to operate their aircraft more efficiently, which can result in cost savings. The Post-Flight Report allows you to immediately receive a debrief directly to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, after every flight.

Fuzion Safety provides individual data reports on a subscription basis (discounted for PMOPA members at $10/month; $100/year). Click here for information on How to Subscribe to individual reports.

If you already use another service for this (e.g., Cloud Ahoy; FlySto) you may continue to do so - participating in the PMOPA FDM Program does not preclude you from participating in the programs of other service providers.