Safety Reporting

As a vital part of a thriving Safety Management System and to promptly identify potential safety hazards, Piedmont utilizes safety reporting systems for our Administrative, Flight Crews, Maintenance, Inflight, Dispatchers, and Customer Service & GSE employees. These reporting systems permit Piedmont employees to voluntarily identify and report safety and operational concerns. The collected information is reviewed and analyzed to facilitate early detection and improved awareness of operational deficiencies and adverse trends. The information specified in these reports is used to identify the root causes and determine appropriate corrective actions which are then monitored for effectiveness. This process promotes collaboration between our employee work groups/labor organizations and management for the early identification of hazards and to facilitate a proactive approach regarding safety concerns and corrective action recommendations. 

The Safety Department provides for the collection, tracking, distribution, and trending of reports submitted by employees. The overall goal is to improve safety awareness and identify operational deficiencies by facilitating an open line of communication between workgroup and management. 

The responsibility to identify, analyze, and fix problems is everyone's job at Piedmont Airlines and all personnel are expected to fully cooperate with the Safety Department to that end.

Piedmont, in cooperation with our operations control, pilot and maintenance labor organizations, and the FAA, utilizes an Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) for Operations Control, Flight Crew and Maintenance employees. The Piedmont ASAPs are voluntary, self-reporting programs designed to identify and reduce possible safety concerns. ASAP uses employee input to identify significant safety concerns and issues; operational deficiencies; non-compliance with regulations; deviations from company policies and procedures; and unusual events. In partnership with all relevant departments and the FAA, each report is investigated and corrective actions determined based on a non-disciplinary approach to flight safety.

The Safety/Event Report is designed to be used in conjunction with - not supersede or contradict - other procedures, reports, or department requirements. For those departments that do not currently have an ASAP process (Inflight and Ground Crew), all safety concerns and incidents should be reported through the applicable Incident Report. 

An ASAP Report (if applicable) should be submitted in lieu of a Safety/Event Report when either a FAR violation or a significant flight safety issue has occurred. If an employee involved in a potential FAR violation mistakenly submits a Safety/Event Report instead of an ASAP Report, the company or union ERC representative may recommend the employee resubmit the report under ASAP to allow program participation. Conversely, if an employee submits a routine report to ASAP that does not involve a serious flight safety concern or possible FAR deviation, and would be more appropriately handled as an incident report, then that report may be rerouted as a non-ASAP Safety Event Report by the applicable ASAP Event Review Committee.

Employee safety reporting is crucial for Piedmont Airlines to quickly and proactively correct safety deficiencies. If you have any questions regarding safety reporting or ASAP participation, please contact the Piedmont Airlines Safety Program Manager at 410 572-5148.