Safety Reporting System

It is the responsibility of each employee to promptly report to the ATI Safety Department via appropriate communication channels, any information, safety hazard or concern that may affect the safety of any ATI employee, operation, or the corporate safety policy. To encourage employees to report safety concerns or issues, ATI has established the following non-reprisal policy.

Any ATI employee reporting a safety related hazard, incident, or accident that in any way affects the safety of flight, maintenance, ramp or occupational operations shall not be subject to any disciplinary proceedings from the Company.

ATI has implemented a Web Based Application Tool (WBAT) Safety Reporting System for the submission of incident and event reports by our Flight Crews, Flight Attendants, Maintenance Technicians, Ground Crews, Flight Followers and all employees to identify safety and operational hazards within their respective departments. These reports will be investigated and analyzed to identify hazards; determine appropriate safety and/or operational improvements; monitor the effectiveness of corrective actions, and proactively promote employee awareness of potential problems. All information submitted through the Safety Reporting System will be considered to fall under the non-punitive/Just Culture clause in the Safety Manual Chapter 2.103.C.

As an integral part of ATI’s Fatigue Risk Management Plan (FRMP), pilots are required to report all cases of fatigue-related risk, errors, and incidents to their immediate supervisor. A reporting system has been made available in order to collect information on the frequency that pilots: are provided with insufficient sleep opportunity due to overtime or contingency situations; obtain insufficient sleep; exhibit fatigue-related symptoms; or make a non-consequence error that may have been fatigue-related. Collected fatigue reports are protected under ATI’s Non-reprisal Policy and as such, no pilot will be punished for submitting a fatigue report unless the fatigue resulted from a lack of responsibility by the pilot crewmember to report rested for duty.